Attracting New Followers for Live Streams

June 15, 2022

If you’re using Commix, you want to get closer to your current supporters - and you probably also want to find new ones. A lot of content creators don’t love the prospect of marketing live creations, and I was one of them. Then I learned something that is always true about social media: supporters want to find you just as much as you want to find them.

Getting and keeping followers depends on a lot of factors: putting your live streams in front of the right people, making your content easy to find and keeping it all predictable and high-quality. Here are a few strategies for setting up these successes.

Know and use your categories. Twitch started as a gaming platform but it rapidly became a major platform for artists, musicians, sports fans, hobbyists and effective marketers. It has major categories for a lot of different interests, so people who are new to your content are more likely to want more if you post in the right category.

Commix can help you ensure your live streams are reaching the right audiences by category across different platforms. You don’t have to stream in the same category to keep gaining followers in most cases, but it does pay in time to keep streaming in your key categories at least monthly to maintain new supporters’ interest.

Strategize your schedule. We went into this a little bit last time, but consistent scheduling is important enough to talk about more. As early in the process as possible, think about the times of day and week that you can commit to live streaming for a while.

Then, consider how to make it easier on yourself to promote to new supporters. For example, many people have more time to watch live streams in the mid-afternoon towards the end of the workday, but the late night and early morning may have less competition. Analytics, like we discussed here, may be a good option to dig deeper into these factors.

The name is the game. We also mentioned this last time, but this is especially true for finding new followers. Titles matter more to live streams than a cover matters for a book. Part of the process proves our point: start typing a subject in Twitch’s or TikTok’s search bar and look at the results.

Use these top hits to get creative when you type in a subject you want to base a live stream on - keep the keywords and the title structures in mind. Inspiration will build once you try this process a few times, along with other methods of creating compelling and searchable titles. Make sure you keep using key terms and title types to find more new followers.

Keep taking the tube to success. YouTube Live may be the number-two live streaming platform, but it’s number one for overall video content. Many people even discover the medium of live streaming through YouTube on their computers or mobile devices, and it’s also a place your content can publicly stay and be searchable after you’re done being live.

Consider posting full videos after you stream - and maybe teaser videos before you stream - on YouTube with the same titles and categories as on the other platforms (the platform makes this easy when you use YouTube Live). This gives a lot of people who are new to your content a chance to find you at all times, and makes it easier for them to search for your live streams.