Build Great Live Streaming Habits

June 4, 2022

If you live stream and no one sees it, did it make a sound? That may be a deep question in philosophy, but it’s a real concern for content creators like you. You are unique and brilliant with your live streams, and you need to mix that with good promotion to contact your supporters and find more.

Here are a few free ways to get and keep your Commix live streams in front of more viewers.

Add your flair. Your individuality is one of your most important qualities, and you’re the only one who has it! There are a number of ways you can bring it to your live streams, starting with formatting for consistency from an early point in your live streaming history.

A choice of music for intros or backing, overlays for your camera feed, customized countdowns, and teasers for future content are all good options for creating that extra something that turns viewers into supporters. Check out our last Commix blog for some tools that can help you get there.

Use your social media. There are a lot of platforms for live streaming, and there are even more platforms to promote them. You may get an idea for the best ones to use so, in the meantime, use everything! Promoting your live stream in other social media is a promotion of live streaming itself, so you may find followers who don’t even follow the platform yet.

TikTok, Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories are all strong outlets for teaser videos and other promotions, especially when you’re trying to maintain your base of supporters. If you don’t want to coordinate it all yourself, consider a social media management platform like Sprout Social or Hootsuite to pair with Commix as a live stream platform.

Set the stage. Commix sees your live streams as a major event, and your stream fares better when you have event-level content. You can start with inviting people to an event on your social media. Some high-end live streams even have a digital event poster!

Post your planned live streams in your online communities, direct emails, and any other content you produce, like podcasts and blogs. Extra tips: This gets easier when you’re consistent in the times of days and weeks with your content over time, and you’re at least two weeks in advance with your invitations.

Collaborate. People watch more live streams than they make, so your network of supporters are often content creators as well. Commix helps you and your connections get together through a variety of interests and other factors, so get in touch about possible collaborations. Although they often take a lot of creative energy and cooperation, collabs are often faster and easier to make, along with many other big positives.

Many supporters would be willing to share or invite others to your live stream, and more than a few would love to create a live stream with someone. It’s always fun to get to know more about an influencer in your network, and live stream collaboration encourages others to try it out as well. You get the chance to push the whole medium forward when you try connecting more deeply with your friends and supporters.