Creating a live content strategy

April 27, 2022

Whether you are a content creator or a brand, live content can unlock a new level of connection with your supporters.

Live video can seem like a scary content type for those who enjoy the comfort of post-production editing. However, the impact real-time connection can have on your community might just be worth taking the leap. But how do should you add live content into your existing content strategy? Today we are teaching you our best practices, a.k.a. our 5 steps to live steam success!

1. Understand your audience

You can think of live content as just another avenue to connect with your audience. Knowing what value you provide for your existing audience, what types of content they enjoy from you and when they are most engaged online will help you get started. We recommend using these insights to create a "brain dump document" with all of your content ideas listed out. This will also help you find some "live times" that align well with your audience and your schedule.

2. Know your strengths

If you are someone who typically gets nervous on camera, you are not alone! Understanding where you might need some help when it comes to live streaming is a great way to help reduce any fear or anxiety while going live. For example, an agenda of topics for your live can help if you struggle with what to say next. If you tend to be chatty and get "off-topic," setting a timer for every 5-10 minutes can help you stay on course.

3. Spread the word

Make sure your audience knows when you plan to go live, especially as you are just getting started. Encouraging your audience members to set countdowns or asking pre-live questions that you plan to answer while live are two great ways to build buzz.  As you begin to live stream more often, establishing a regular cadence that audience members can rely on and build routines around will help reduce the need for promotion.

4. Have Fun

While going live, it's easy for your audience to pick up on your energy. If you are having a tough day, or just not in the mood to go live, your audience (especially your fans) will be able to tell. It's important as the live creator that you set the tone by bringing the energy. When you are having fun with the live, so will your audience! Not only does this increase the engagement of each live, but increases audience retention across all your live content.

5. Find what feels right

Creating content is no easy task, and live content is no different. For some going live twice a week works perfectly, while for others this could be way too much. As a creator of live content, it's important to check-in with yourself before, during and after lives. Asking yourself how you feel and ensuring you are enjoying the time on live is crucial to protecting yourself from burnout. Don't compare yourself to others - just find what works best for you and be consistent!

We can't wait to see how live positively impacts your relationship with your audience, and we'd love to help you on your journey. Email us with questions, comments or feedback anytime!