How Can Instagram's New Live Producer Tool Work for You?

August 1, 2022

Have you ever noticed that Instagram’s desktop interface is a little limited? It was only late last year that Instagrammers could add posts from their computers. Just like Commix is changing the face of live streaming for makers and supporters alike, the Meta-owned sharing service may be about to change the world of desktop-based live streamers as well.

Get ready to say hello to Live Producer, the tentative name for Instagram’s new option, as it is named on Facebook, also owned by Meta. The company says they’re still testing the feature, but it will allow you to live stream directly from your computer with the help of streaming software on your operating system when it goes live. This will allow better control of your live content, as well as making extra features like sound effects and live polling easier.

The front end appears to be simple enough, with a “Go Live” screen where streamers can name their live event and select their audience. You will also be able to choose between “Practice” and “Public,” so you can rehearse without anyone watching and work out any issues before switching to a full live audience.

The back end gets a little more complicated, as Instagrammers will still need third-party software, like Open Broadcaster or Streamlabs, to live-stream from their laptops and desktops (both options are free). You’ll need a line of program code, called a “key,” to connect to Instagram Live. The service’s engineers haven’t given a lot more details but we can assume they’ll make it as easy as possible with instructions on how to use the key.

This is one of many signs Instagram has shown over the last year that they’re moving exclusively into the video-sharing space, competing with TikTok and Twitch as they (and their algorithms) leave photos behind. Reels, the Instagram “copycat” of TikTok’s main feature, now accounts for more than 20% of time that users spend on the app, up from less than 10% only a year ago.

This gives you and other Commixers a “ground-floor” opportunity when Live Producer is active for all creators. Early adopters have always appeared to get ahead with new features on Instagram, attracting a greater share of attention from the first post. If you’re interested in Live Producer, start using it as soon as you can.

Another pro tip: you can end your live stream more smoothly if you hit the button on Instagram before you end the stream on your third-party service. Live streams will keep showing their last frame until you end the feed on Instagram if you do it the other way around.

Your live stream video will be available to view and download from Instagram’s Live Archive. Make sure it’s enabled when you start using Live Producer, and note that there hasn’t been any word on that feature making it to desktop - you’ll need to keep using it on your phone. As we’ve noted before, YouTube is still the king on non-live video content, so consider uploading your archived stream there so more people can see it.

We’ll have more updates as Live Producer gets activated for more live streamers on Instagram - so stay tuned to Commix and learn more about we can help you navigate live streams to success!

photo credit: Instagram