Retaining Your High-Engagement Followers

July 11, 2022

Congratulations! Your live streaming is bringing in new followers and you’re feeling that great feeling as you watch the numbers rise. If you’re on Commix, you know this is only half the game. In some ways, it’s the easy half. You’re not just in it for the numbers - you want to make connections to the people behind them.

Retaining your best followers takes time and effort. Fortunately, that’s part of the fun of live streaming. If people are responding to your content, you know you’re speaking to topics they appreciate in ways that they like. All they need is a little encouragement from you to become loyal, engaged supporters for a long time. Here’s how you can get them involved from the beginning and keep them online.

Give new followers a clear call to action. New followers are up to four times more likely to interact with a live stream when you take one simple step: ask them! This could be a simple request - “don’t forget to hit the ‘follow’ button” - but remember that specific requests are more likely to get results. Think about asking followers to turn on notifications while telling them the next time they can expect to see your live stream (dates and times are always appreciated).

Ask followers’ opinions. Twitch, one of the leading live streaming platforms, reports that channels get 10% more viewer engagement when you try a poll. Try starting one with a few options and have followers vote. The people more likely to engage with you may also start a related conversation. Make sure you keep this up over time, as some new followers need a little extra reason to engage.

Follow up on those opinions. It’s always important to stay true to your own creative vision, and it’s also important to keep speaking to the supporters who vibe with it. Followers are more likely to subscribe, turn on notifications and contact you when your live stream is responsive to them and others. Try shouting out supporters who have sent you particularly meaningful messages or have spent a while following your live streams. Everyone likes the chance to hear acknowledgement for their engagement!

Keep the conversation going. The magic of live streaming is your content living in the now, and that can be the start of a different magic: real interaction. Engaged followers are going to let you know, with anything from a clapping emoji to a more detailed comment or DM. Set some time aside after each scheduled live stream to respond to comments and messages - even if it doesn’t keep interactions going, you’re more likely to end up with followers for a longer time.

Get your followers on Commix. If you think Commix is a great way to make live streaming easier, your followers will find it a great way to stay engaged! Mention Commix towards the end of your live stream, and tell supporters that it’s the best way to keep up with your live streams and find other great content to follow. This will make your live streaming experience easier, as more of your connections will be using the same one-stop shop.